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Feb 5, 2015 - Faith    Comments Off

Keep The Faith

Do you ever pray and pray, and it seems like God will never answer your prayers?  Does it seem like your friends and family are getting answers to their prayers, but not you?  Do you wonder if God actually hears you, or if He does that He is ignoring you?  And do you ever wonder if God even exists?  I do (well, all except the last question … I know for sure He exists).

I believe that everyone will experience one or more of these thoughts in their lifetime.  I’m certainly not condoning them, but there are times when it seems like nothing is going right, and there is no “light at the end of the tunnel”.  And I’m going through this right now.

There are some issues in my life right now (issues I choose not to make public) that have me wondering.  I pray and pray, and yet each new day is just like the last “old” day.  Nothing changes.  I don’t hear from God.  And of course He is not answering my prayers.  Or is He?

Lately I keep reading and hearing about how God works on “Faith”.  He doesn’t work on prayers (prayers alone without the faith to believe He will answer them).   He doesn’t work on sorrow and pity-partys.   He doesn’t even work on need.  He works when we pray and we “believe” and we “know” He will answer our prayer.  He works on “Faith“.

FaithIsKnowingThere is a plaque in our family room that says “Faith is Not Believing God Can … It’s Knowing He Will“.  I see that plaque every time I sit on the couch to watch TV.  And it’s that plaque, that very simple sign we bought at a thrift shop for $2.00, that is helping me keep the faith.  I know that if I give up, give up on my dreams, give up on my needs, give up on my prayers, give up on God, then I might as well just give up on life.  I (and my wife Theresa) have gone through hills and valleys, ups and downs, good times and bad times, both in our single lives and in our married lives.  But through everything, through all the rough times in our lives, God was ALWAYS there and He ALWAYS saw us through.  And many times He threw in a special blessing just for good measure.  Why would He abandon us now?  He won’t.  And that’s why I KNOW He is answering my prayers.

One thing we must always remember is that God is on His own timetable.  It is not at all like ours.  We might go through days, months or years waiting for those answers.  And He will answer, but on His time and in His way.  But of course only if we believe … only if we have “Faith“.

So don’t give up … just keep looking up.  Look up to a God that is greater than you could ever imagine.  Look up to a God that wants us to be happy, that wants to take care of us, that wants to meet our every need.  God is there and He will answer our prayers, and many times will provide an answer much greater than we ever imagined.   Just always “Keep The Faith“.